Safe operation of virtual power plants in Europe


Solar plants

At present, photovoltaics cover approximately 3.5% of the entire European power requirement and around 6% of the load require-

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Wind power

In 2014, 134 GW were installed in Europe. More than 25% of wind energy used is provided by wind power plants in Germany, Spain

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The most traditional renewable energy source is hydroelectric power with a share of approximately 35% in the mix of regener-

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By 2020, biogas plants installed in Europe will provide up to 8.6 GW with Italy and Poland as the main growth countries.

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Thousands of cogeneration plants are the decentralised drivers of the energy turnaround. They reliably generate heat

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Landfill gas

In Germany, a power generation capacity of 250 MW using landfill gas is installed. 1 m³ has the same calorific value as ½ litre of

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50% of the pellet fuel produced in Germany is burned in Dutch and Belgian power plants.

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virtual power plant

Virtual Power Plant

Since, in many cases, the DGP (decentralised power generation systems) lack the minimum size to be viable and do not fulfil the technical requirements laid down, they cannot participate in the markets. This is where the VPPs come in.

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energy market

European energy market

The resolutions adopted by the European Council in October 2014 were important in setting a new strategic direction. For example, the share of renewable energies (RE) in the consumption of energy is to be increased to, at least, 27% per annum by 2030.

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