Scandinavian power market

In Scandinavia, constantly growing renewable energies are also displacing classic generation technologies, such as coal power. Because of declining power prices, production is becoming more and more unprofitable. Wind power, in particular, is promoted by the government across the board.

As in Central Europe, the expansion of renewable energies is a political objective in Scandinavia: Denmark wants to cover 70% of its power generation from renewable energies by 2020. Finland has the objective of switching 50% of the total power consumption (power, heat, transport) to renewable energies by 2020. The focus of renewable energies subsidisation in Finland is on wind power. The aim is to increase annual production from 2.3 TWh (2015) to 9 TWh (2025). In Norway, the share of renewable energies in power and heat production is to be 67% during the same period with water being the main energy carrier. Sweden plans for a 50% share in the energy supply (power, heating and fuels). By 2020, the generation from wind power plants is to be quintupled.